Montag, 23. Juli 2012


At the end of a hard day,
A lonely tear search for the way,
Flows slowly down the face,
Don’t need to race…

The razor sparkles in the light,
Hard to fight against,
The desire to injure myself,
I’m not strong enough.

Give in and it begins,
The pain spreads and attacks me,
Makes me even weaker,
Than I’m really be.

Only want to fulfil my demand,
To have silence again,
To live with a poker face,
Like ever, like before.

I’m still looking for an answer,
Want to find it soon,
But every step I go,
It goes one too.

I’m just sitting around
And thinking again,
Where is the answer,
I can not find…

Only Happy situations
Of the past
Appearing in my mind,
Don’t want to believe it…

You have gone forever,
And this let me feel,
This let me feel this bloody pain!
2006... Da war ich 15.

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