Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Short Story - Say goodbye

This time the winter seems incredibly long.
Terribly long.
Due to the cold my house keeps cracking, moaning the warmth, keeping me up at night.
I try to focus on reading the book, to forget the past, that once I loved the winter, that once I used to be part of his life.

But something keeps distracting me.
It is barely noticeable.
Little feet keep dribbling, running away from something, reminding me of the life, that once I was used to love.

Even after a long time the dribbling won't seem to stop.
Getting curious I stand up and go to the upper floor, ready to find the source.
Surprisingly I just encounter empty, dusty rooms.
But even though the memories keep lingering in there, reminding me that once I was used to share this house.

While questioning my own sanity, the dribbling gets louder and the windows start rattling.
When will the past stop haunting me?
Feeling alerted I turn around to investigate the bathroom.
As soon as I opened the door I realize, that the source of the sound is right in there.
And it is alive.

In disgust I shut the door.
My eyes.
Only to realize, that it will never stop.
That it will always be part of my life.
That my life will always be like a merry-go-around.
That I will never be able to escape the eternal loop.

Until I'm brave enough to let him go.

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